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Kindergarten News January 14, 2012 — End of Quarter

The end of the quarter is quickly approaching and the class is making great progress in letter sounds and blending words together.  Keep practicing letter sounds.  For blending, you can help by using the word lists that have been sent home.  Students “sound out” the words letter by letter.  Sometimes an adult writing one letter at a time and helping with the letter sound before moving to the next letter can keep it slow enough to prevent frustration. Another activity the kids like is brainstorming a list of words that begin with a certain letter; for example, have them tell you what sound a letter makes and then ask “what word begins with a?” Write down the words and keep them with a notebook so your child can practice writing and illustrating.

In math we are about to move into the hundreds chart to see all the patterns that happen with numbers.  Practice counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s with your child.

In our CGI story problems, we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction problems along with choosing which number sentence “fits.”  Here’s an example:

Shyanna went to Wal-Mart and bought ten fish.  When she got home, she discovered that her fish tank was too small.  She gave six fish to her grandma so how many fish did Shyanna have left?

10 + 6 = ? or 10 – 6 = ?

First the students recall the problem.  How many fish did she start with?  How many did she give away?  What are we trying to figure out?  They draw simple pictures, count cubes or figure it out on their fingers.  When we have the answer and someone can explain the story from start to finish, we take a look at the number sentences.  The kids read:  ten plus six equals blank.  Ten minus six equals blank.  What does plus mean (adding, joining or putting together)?  What does minus mean (subtracting or taking away)?  Which number sentence fits our story?  Have them write in the answer again and have them read it altogether.

Try setting up simple problems for your children to solve and explain.  This is how math problems present themselves in the real world and practice will build math ability in your child.



Kindergarten News November 23–Letters

The fourth graders were a tremendous help in writing letters to Santa for WELY Radio.  The letters will be read on the air in December at 7:10 a.m. and repeated at 6:10 p.m. Monday through Friday. After a long session of discussing and writing, both grades spent a few minutes having fun in the dress up and kitchen center of the kindergarten room.

Our pumpkin seed taste test/survey will be finished next week.  With our extra Thanskgiving activities we ran out of time to complete the survey.  It looks like we will need to taste them again!  So far the results are showing that nearly all the kindergarten students like the taste of pumpkin seeds, which is a great healthy snack.  Read more here:


For our “thankful” writing, the most common response was that the students were thankful for their families.  The most fun was Liam being thankful for pie.  I have to say that I am pretty thankful for pie myself!

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember that there is no school on Monday.  Teachers will be at Cherry School for technology training.

Here are some writers hard at work:

Letter to Santa

Finishing Touches

Kindergarten News–October 4–Survey

We got out the clipboards today and tried two new centers.  The first was Write the Room.  Students searched the room for words that they could write beginning with the letter A.  In order to do that, they had to be clear about what it meant to look for a first letter in the word!  In finding that first letter, they also learned what it meant to have an a in the middle or end of the word.  They felt pretty successful with their findings and it is good training to have them noticing what letters are in the words that are around them.  The next step will be having lots of practice with the sounds the letters make!

Our other new center was the idea of a survey.  Today’s survey topic was “Do you like apples?”  Students were required to ask each other the question and then fill in other students’ names in the appropriate Yes or No box.  We had a lot of tally marks to begin with but the kindergarteners picked it up pretty well for the first day.  There are about four different places in the room they can find classmate’s names (including the word wall with name and photos together) so if they couldn’t remember how to write all the letters they could find a place to get them.

For CGI we worked on a Separate, Results Unknown question (subtraction) which was different than our recent Joining (addition) problems.  The discussions are getting much better with students getting used to being asked to explain their thinking.

Today’s Phonics was review and we will start a new letter tomorrow!  No homework tonight.

Please remember your Pumpkin Patch field trip permission slips!