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Kindergarten News October 31–Whew!

You would think today would be all about Halloween but we also managed to learn a little about other things!  This morning our book Pumpkin Soup had a cat who played bagpipes and the kindergarteners wondered how they sounded.  During snack time we searched and found a video of castles with bagpipes here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=424XoRFWqeg.   The book was fun but the teachable moment was great!

Our all-school party was fantastic!  The fifth graders spent the morning baking cupcakes to decorate and the sixth grade students ran all the games for the younger students.  A good time was had by all.  More pictures will be posted soon on Tower-Soudan School’s main website.


Kindergarten News September 12–Bullying and Bus Safety

School is becoming more routine for the kindergarten students and they are becoming more confident every day.  I am happy to see them growing into their school personalities!

Superintendent Teresa Strong spoke to the entire student body this morning regarding expectations for respect and safety at Tower-Soudan School.  She emphasized that because of our small size we are like a family and need to treat each other well.  Any students who feel they are being mistreated should tell an adult in order to have their needs addressed.

The kindergarten class had a good discussion about bus safety and watched a video clip of Winnie the Pooh’s School Bus Safety Adventure.  Please look in their folders for a safety checklist to review with them.

Here is an easy recipe for the playdough the students enjoyed today.  It is inexpensive and takes only about ten minutes to make!

I am continuing to assess the students as they learn the routines at school.  The information will be used to individualize learning according to math and reading abilities.

Look for the current breakfast and lunch menus on the Tower-Soudan School website.