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phonics game

Phonics game

letter formation

Letter formation

computer practice

ABCya.com reading practice


Letter B:  beans and blue paper


A visit from Misty and Alita

Sight word practice trace, color, cut and paste

Sight word practice


A visit from Hoppy


Compass Learning

Our district supports Compass Learning, an online website that allows your child to practice academics any time, anywhere.  I have set up the kindergarten students with Language Arts and Math assignments and will be sending home their user names and passwords on Monday.  While this is optional practice for home, the students really have fun with the games and they reinforce everything we are learning at school.  Enjoy!



STAR Board Activities

Students have been enjoying the STAR Board for centers lately.  Today’s center was all about numeral recognition and counting.  If your child would like to practice at home just click on Fish Tank.

We have some new YouTube favorites:  Four Seasons in a Year, The Skeleton Dance teaches left and right, and Nature’s Best Camouflages is a fascinating science slide show.

Tuesday will be an exciting day.  The PTO has arranged a visit from local firefighters and they are bringing their trucks for Tower-Soudan students to see.  They will also do a fire safety presentation so we are looking forward to that.

We will be working more with shapes this coming week as well as CGI, and will continue with learning strokes in handwriting.  Keep reading, everyone!

Kindergarten News October 25–Bingo

Our Math Toolbox came in handy again today, with our projector everyone can see.  We used the probability spinner to play Teddy Bear Bingo.  Once the spinner on the board stopped, the kids called out the number and then covered their cards with teddy bear counters.  We’re working on number recognition!

Homework tonight is Partner Practice Letter O.

Kindergarten News October 11–Pumpkin Patch Graph

We used our Math Toolbox to graph favorite field trip animals today.  We were able to use clip art off the software and the Internet to make the graph more child friendly.  It was easy for the students to click on their animal and choose a color to mark their favorite.  The graph was very colorful and fun for the students to use; the photo doesn’t do it justice.  I am still in the process of trying to convert the document to import it but in the meantime, photos have to do:

After we were done graphing, we had the usual graph discussion:  Which animal was kindergarten’s most favorite, least favorite, etc.

Students enjoyed ventriloquist Brent Vernon and his little friend Sam this afternoon.  Mr. Vernon must have been very convincing because one of my students asked if Sam was real!

Homework tonight is Shapeland.  Count the circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.  Mrs. L. will be in for me tomorrow while I attend a reading workshop.

Kindergarten News October 7–Compass Learning

The Internet is back at home which is great!  I’ve missed a few days of posting!

The first graders stopped by the present an apple play.  They have been reading and writing about apples too and did a great job with their presentation.  Thanks to the kindergarten class for being good listeners.

Today we looked at how Compass Learning works on the classroom computers, using speakers so everyone could hear.  If you have spare earphones at home, please send them with your child!  Remember, you can log onto Compass on any computer with the user name and password I sent home.  Please let me know if you need that information again.

While some students worked on Compass, others worked on the StarBoard.  They are practicing writing and changing the colors and sizes of their writing.  The students also worked on taking the eraser off the menu and erasing what they did not want.  Clean paintbrushes are really great for kindergarten StarBoard writing.  They are easy to hold onto and keep little knuckles from interfering with how the writing registers.

Have a good weekend, don’t forget the Pumpkin Patch Field Trip is on Monday.  Please have your child dressed for the weather!


Kindergarten News September 16–Show and Tell

We began our day with Morning Meeting and Show and Tell.  Students wanted to see the items better so after a bit we put them under the document camera.  Show and Tell speakers were able to point out special areas of interest on the big screen.  We also had a close look at a banana (!) and the students saw themselves projected when I pointed the camera in their direction.

We also extended the boy/girl graphing we discussed yesterday.   We counted each child again and colored in one box per girl and one box per boy.  Again, the document camera makes for an excellent, clear presentation.  I am beginning to wonder how I taught without it!

Mrs. Dahl brought us fabric squares to decorate for the school quilt that will be hanging in our hallway for Open House.  We spent quite a bit of time getting our names and drawings right for the project.  Before we began, the students saw several examples of quilts on the big screen so that they would have an idea of the finished product will look.  They are excited to see how big it will be when all the grades finish their squares!