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Kindergarten News 100th Day of School

Photos from our super busy day!

Counting out 100 Froot Loops

Helping make 100 handprints

Taking a break!

The fourth graders helped us read 100 books

Keeping track of reading with tally marks

Happy 100th Day!


Kindergarten News September 7

Another busy day in kindergarten but things are progressing more smoothly hour by hour.  We spent time learning about the morning meeting and message.  Today’s question was “Do you have brothers or sisters?”  Students answered yes or no and their answers were recorded with tally marks.  After some discussion and counting we discovered that all the kindergarteners have brothers and/or sisters!

Students are continuing to work on listening skills.  Our “Beanbag Boogie” song had plenty of instructions for them to follow.  Ask your child if they know some sign language; we practiced a few signs today and will add more as time goes on.

We posted our first project on the art board.  Students wrote their names and drew pictures of themselves the first week of school.  They love to use their new markers and crayons.

The highlight of the day was Mrs. Anderson’s art class.  She taught the children how to draw the leaves that were collected by older students.  They looked for the straight and curved lines in the leaves and whether the outside edge of the leaf was jagged or smooth.  The art journals are off to an excellent start!