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Kindergarten News February 2, 2012–Sliding

Groundhog Day was a lot of fun.  We learned that groundhogs hibernate, eat fruits and vegetables and live in burrows.  We also made cute groundhog headbands to wear for the day.  Videos came from this website:  http://reallyroper.blogspot.com/2011/02/groundhog-day.html

In science we learned about day and night and the stars and the moon.  The kids were surprised that the moon can sometimes be out in the morning!  They are planning to keep their eyes on the sky to see what else they can discover.

Tomorrow we are spending part of the afternoon sliding with the fifth grade students.  Please dress warm and bring your sleds, kids, it’s going to be a great time!


Kindergarten News September 13–Insects

We spent the day learning about insects and what scientists do.  We learned a few new songs and read a few books about bugs.  In the afternoon, students practiced fine motor skills by using their scissors to cut ants and other bug-themed pages.  They also practiced crayon rubbing and created a book with insect rubbing plates.

We’re continuing to work on the calendar every day.  Today we learned the “Months of the Year Macarena.”  It’s going to take a bit more practice but it is a lot of fun!

Look for fundraising catalogs and order forms coming home tomorrow.  We are raising money for field trips and special events at school.