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Kindergarten Transition Night

May 3, 2012

Our fishing theme Kindergarten Transition Night was held on May 1 and we had nice attendance.  Seven future kindergarteners, some siblings and many parents paid a visit to the kindergarten room to work on centers and talk about how kindergarten works.  It is an exciting time for everyone and I am looking forward to another wonderful year!

We are patiently waiting for the chicks to hatch – May 14th! – and our plants are growing steadily.  The potatoes have sprouted and we will see if they grow a foot tall like they did last year!

Unfortunately, Snowflake the snail passed away but Prince the beta fish is still going strong.  Maybe Mr. Magnuson can find a new snail for our tank; the snails are a lot of fun to watch.

Science Day is tomorrow and we are excited to see what we can learn.  Liam also has a birthday so his crown is ready and waiting for him to wear.  Happy Birthday, Liam!