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Listening Center

May 9, 2012

After the Mixi, Makesi Musical this morning and art class this afternoon, we checked the plants and wrapped up with the iPads, Listening Center and Pattern Blocks Center.


Recently in Kindergarten–April 18, 2012

We have been very busy as usual in the Kindergarten Room.  Last week we invited the fourth graders to help us make newspaper pots for our plants.  This involves a single sheet of newspaper, a little folding around a soup can and lots of tape, which the kindergarteners were happy to supply.  So far the pots are holding up well.  Students planted seeds in the paper pots as well as recycled plastic ones and are watching every day to see when they sprout.  The fourth graders are a big help with the plant journals so they will continue to work with the kindergarten students to record plant growth every Friday when they come down to partner read.

Our plan is to set eggs on Monday.  The chicks will take exactly three weeks to hatch which will bring us  to May 14.  The incubator is here and will be plugged in on Thursday or Friday so it is the proper temperature for our eggs.  The kids are so excited to do this project and will have a LOT to say if you ask them about it!