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Kindergarten News January 3, 2012–Welcome Back!

It was great to see everyone back to school again today.  Everyone seemed to be pretty eager to get a lot done!

Homework tonight is Problem Solving:  Look for a Pattern.

Please have your child cut apart the letters in the Phonics game that came home today.  I sent a sandwich bag for them to store the letters in as well.  We play this game often during reading time so they should be able to play without much trouble.  The goal is to sort the letters onto the board and say or sing the ABCs as they point to each letter.

Book orders went home with your child today and are due on Friday, January 6.


Kindergarten News–October 4–Survey

We got out the clipboards today and tried two new centers.  The first was Write the Room.  Students searched the room for words that they could write beginning with the letter A.  In order to do that, they had to be clear about what it meant to look for a first letter in the word!  In finding that first letter, they also learned what it meant to have an a in the middle or end of the word.  They felt pretty successful with their findings and it is good training to have them noticing what letters are in the words that are around them.  The next step will be having lots of practice with the sounds the letters make!

Our other new center was the idea of a survey.  Today’s survey topic was “Do you like apples?”  Students were required to ask each other the question and then fill in other students’ names in the appropriate Yes or No box.  We had a lot of tally marks to begin with but the kindergarteners picked it up pretty well for the first day.  There are about four different places in the room they can find classmate’s names (including the word wall with name and photos together) so if they couldn’t remember how to write all the letters they could find a place to get them.

For CGI we worked on a Separate, Results Unknown question (subtraction) which was different than our recent Joining (addition) problems.  The discussions are getting much better with students getting used to being asked to explain their thinking.

Today’s Phonics was review and we will start a new letter tomorrow!  No homework tonight.

Please remember your Pumpkin Patch field trip permission slips!

Kindergarten News September 28–About Homework

Our homework incentive began today.  Partner Practice sheets will come home most days for the letter(s) we are learning.  If your child completes the practice reading as well as the handwriting, he or she will receive a sticker for the homework chart.  Earning ten stickers will give your student a chance to choose from the prize box.  In Kindergarten even five or ten minutes daily can make a huge difference in  reading ability and it shows the children that you value their education!

Today in Phonics we reviewed the letter A and introduced the letter T.  In Oral Language, we used our Big Black Bug poem to talk about how some words can  sound the same but have a different meaning: “one and won” and “eight and ate.” In Shared Reading we used our Little Bears Big Book to pick out action words and break them into syllables.

Center time incorporated practice writing with white boards along with other fine motor activities as the Phonics Center was completed by each group.

CGI work was a joining problem with Lakota and Talise modeling their solutions.

We did some dancing today to get some movement in:  Animal Action and ABC at the Zoo were big hits and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was calming when we needed to settle down again!

Mrs. Anderson brought the students to the Media Center and gave them a tour and some tips on selecting books as well as how to get them back to the correct place on the shelf.  We are looking forward to being able to check out books soon.

Kindergarten News September 27–Partner Practice

We’re continuing to add components to our reading instruction every day.  Today we worked on Oral Language with a rhyming poem.  We talked about predicting based on the illustration and title.  We also spent time figuring out where to start reading and where to go next.

During Shared Reading, we went back to our Little Bears Big Book to read together first, then to clap out each word.  Our Phonics lesson touched on clapping words in sentences and introduced the letter A.  Students sorted through letter cards to find both capital and small a.  New today is the idea of Partner Practice.  Students work in pairs to take turns being “pointer” and “reader.”  Please check folders for this homework sheet, the students will need extra practice with an adult or older sibling.

Happy Birthday to Lakota today!