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Homework Help

Kindergarten is going very well, it’s hard to believe that mid-quarter is already approaching in two days.  I am proud of all that the students are learning.  The revamp of our centers is allowing for more practice in recognition of numbers, letters & sounds and sight words as well as allowing for more focused use of technology in those areas.  In CGI (math story problems) we are learning to multiply as well as add and subtract.

I ran across an excellent website for math work.  Helping with Homework  outlines expectations for kindergarten and has links to work that can be done by your student, both on paper and online.  While we work on all these concepts at school, the help you give at home is great reinforcement.

Things to remember (so far!) in December:

Friday, December 7:  Book orders due

Monday, December 10:  Santa’s Workshop gently used items are due in the office.  If you have donations, bring them in!

Thursday, December 13:  Holiday Concert at 2:00 pm.

Friday, December 14:  Santa’s Workshop–low cost shopping for students to buy gifts for parents and siblings.

For the week of December 17 we have a few more surprises in store but we do not have all the details worked out yet.  Keep an eye on your child’s folder for more information as it happens!

December 21:  Vacations begins!  Join us back at school on Wednesday, January 2.




Compass Learning

Our district supports Compass Learning, an online website that allows your child to practice academics any time, anywhere.  I have set up the kindergarten students with Language Arts and Math assignments and will be sending home their user names and passwords on Monday.  While this is optional practice for home, the students really have fun with the games and they reinforce everything we are learning at school.  Enjoy!



STAR Board Activities

Students have been enjoying the STAR Board for centers lately.  Today’s center was all about numeral recognition and counting.  If your child would like to practice at home just click on Fish Tank.

We have some new YouTube favorites:  Four Seasons in a Year, The Skeleton Dance teaches left and right, and Nature’s Best Camouflages is a fascinating science slide show.

Tuesday will be an exciting day.  The PTO has arranged a visit from local firefighters and they are bringing their trucks for Tower-Soudan students to see.  They will also do a fire safety presentation so we are looking forward to that.

We will be working more with shapes this coming week as well as CGI, and will continue with learning strokes in handwriting.  Keep reading, everyone!

Kindergarten News March 11–Math Standards and Data

We have been working on hard on several areas in math:  mostly the standards of Understanding the relationship between quantities and whole numbers up to 31.  In simpler terms:  K.1.1.2  Using tally marks, K.1.1.3 Counting forward and back to 20,   K.1.1.4 one more and one less than a number.

We have also been working on Use objects and pictures to represent situations involving combining and separating.   K.1.2.1  Using blocks or drawing an addition or subtraction problem to find the solution.  K1.2.2. Finding all the ways to make numbers up to ten with objects and pictures:  for example, seven can be shown as four and three more, five and two more, etc.

We have also been working on learning about measurement. Much of what we do is hands-on practice at centers so you may not see a lot of papers coming home.  Some of the papers sent home will be a recording sheet of some sort.  Be sure to ask your children about it; explaining helps a child understand math better.

The math goals that were set in the fall have been updated and I will share the details of your child’s growth at conferences in a few weeks.  Overall, I am happy with the progress students are making.  I am excited to see how much growth we can achieve the rest of this year with the skills they are developing!


Kindergarten News–Multiage Math

Tower-Soudan students are having lots of fun learning together with multiage math once a week. Multiage reading groups are coming soon!

Clothespin Number Match

Clothespin Number Match:  http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2010/06/z-review-clothespin-match-up.html

Ordering Numbers Activity

Kindergarten News January 27, 2012

Things are going well this week; students are learning a lot in all their centers and subject areas.  Keep reading with your kids and following the January activity calendar for learning ideas.

I found a few videos that can help:

3D shapes:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9L9l86N-xM&feature=related

Exercise and Count by Fives:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0m3SxaQVI8

Show Me the Money (Coins):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Peqc252O1gE&feature=related

Thank you to those who have sent crackers to share at snacktime.  We have long mornings and it really helps to have a little “extra.”  If you have not sent your box of crackers, please remember to do so soon, we have hungry little students to feed!

No homework tonight, enjoy your weekend!

Kindergarten News January 14, 2012 — End of Quarter

The end of the quarter is quickly approaching and the class is making great progress in letter sounds and blending words together.  Keep practicing letter sounds.  For blending, you can help by using the word lists that have been sent home.  Students “sound out” the words letter by letter.  Sometimes an adult writing one letter at a time and helping with the letter sound before moving to the next letter can keep it slow enough to prevent frustration. Another activity the kids like is brainstorming a list of words that begin with a certain letter; for example, have them tell you what sound a letter makes and then ask “what word begins with a?” Write down the words and keep them with a notebook so your child can practice writing and illustrating.

In math we are about to move into the hundreds chart to see all the patterns that happen with numbers.  Practice counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s with your child.

In our CGI story problems, we are continuing to work on addition and subtraction problems along with choosing which number sentence “fits.”  Here’s an example:

Shyanna went to Wal-Mart and bought ten fish.  When she got home, she discovered that her fish tank was too small.  She gave six fish to her grandma so how many fish did Shyanna have left?

10 + 6 = ? or 10 – 6 = ?

First the students recall the problem.  How many fish did she start with?  How many did she give away?  What are we trying to figure out?  They draw simple pictures, count cubes or figure it out on their fingers.  When we have the answer and someone can explain the story from start to finish, we take a look at the number sentences.  The kids read:  ten plus six equals blank.  Ten minus six equals blank.  What does plus mean (adding, joining or putting together)?  What does minus mean (subtracting or taking away)?  Which number sentence fits our story?  Have them write in the answer again and have them read it altogether.

Try setting up simple problems for your children to solve and explain.  This is how math problems present themselves in the real world and practice will build math ability in your child.