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Kindergarten News February 8, 2012–Center Fun

Here are some great centers we worked on today:

Ordering numbers to 31: Raffie ponders his next move.

Read, stamp and write sight words

Count and match 11 – 20

Reminders:  Tomorrow is Read with Someone Special from 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.  The kids are very excited to participate in this event, we hope to see you there!  We will go to Babbitt right after to see the Okie Dokey Brothers, thanks for getting your permission slips in early!

The weather forecast for Friday looks very chilly so we will not be sliding this week but we are planning to do it again soon.

Keep an eye on your child’s folder for a Valentine list.  We will have an afternoon party on Tuesday!

Homework tonight is fill in the missing letter.


Kindergarten News January 4, 2012– Fish and Snails

Our new betta fish and Chinese mystery snails were a big hit this morning.  Our fish is a male whose name is Prince and the mama snail’s name is Snowflake.  We decided not to name the three baby snails since they are so hard to tell apart!  They were just born on Christmas Day so they are also very tiny.  Come and take a look if you get a chance, the kindergarteners would love to show you!

For homework tonight, have your child cut apart the 1-20 number tiles and put them in order.  I have sent along a sandwich bag so they can keep their tiles together and practice again.  You may need to write a number line to help with the numbers greater than ten.


Kindergarten News January 3, 2012–Welcome Back!

It was great to see everyone back to school again today.  Everyone seemed to be pretty eager to get a lot done!

Homework tonight is Problem Solving:  Look for a Pattern.

Please have your child cut apart the letters in the Phonics game that came home today.  I sent a sandwich bag for them to store the letters in as well.  We play this game often during reading time so they should be able to play without much trouble.  The goal is to sort the letters onto the board and say or sing the ABCs as they point to each letter.

Book orders went home with your child today and are due on Friday, January 6.

Kindergarten News October 25–Bingo

Our Math Toolbox came in handy again today, with our projector everyone can see.  We used the probability spinner to play Teddy Bear Bingo.  Once the spinner on the board stopped, the kids called out the number and then covered their cards with teddy bear counters.  We’re working on number recognition!

Homework tonight is Partner Practice Letter O.

Kindergarten News October 17–Spelling Sorts

Our CGI math observation was very successful this morning.  The students worked hard to solve two word problems, one from me and one from Mr. RunningHorse.  We will continue to work on trying to retain the problem mentally and explain our answers.

Our first Guided Reading and Spelling Sorts sessions went well this afternoon.  It is so exciting to pick up a book and learn all about it.  Our spelling sort today was Fruit/Not Fruit.  I sent home a copy so students can cut apart their pictures to practice at home.

Tomorrow we will get out the paint to finish our paper bag jack-o-lanterns. Tonight’s homework is the Letter N Partner Practice.


Kindergarten News October 14–Reading Buddies!

We are very excited to welcome our reading buddies to our classroom on Fridays.  Fourth grade students sharpen their skills and kindergarteners love to have someone read to them.  It is great fun for all of us to hear how well the older students read!  Reading together is a perfect way for kindergarten students to think about what they are learning in school and how it can relate to their lives.  Keep reading everyone!

Next week we will be able to begin Spelling Sorts and Guided Reading work.  We have been doing Phonics, Oral Language, Shared Reading and Writing but now will put the other pieces in place.  It’s exciting to see how much the students have grown in just 29 school days.

Most of the kindergarten students are only two homework assignments away from the prize box!  Keep up the good work.  Homework this weekend is the Letter I Partner Practice sheet.

Kindergarten News October 11–Pumpkin Patch Graph

We used our Math Toolbox to graph favorite field trip animals today.  We were able to use clip art off the software and the Internet to make the graph more child friendly.  It was easy for the students to click on their animal and choose a color to mark their favorite.  The graph was very colorful and fun for the students to use; the photo doesn’t do it justice.  I am still in the process of trying to convert the document to import it but in the meantime, photos have to do:

After we were done graphing, we had the usual graph discussion:  Which animal was kindergarten’s most favorite, least favorite, etc.

Students enjoyed ventriloquist Brent Vernon and his little friend Sam this afternoon.  Mr. Vernon must have been very convincing because one of my students asked if Sam was real!

Homework tonight is Shapeland.  Count the circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.  Mrs. L. will be in for me tomorrow while I attend a reading workshop.