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Kindergarten News October 19–Jack-O-Lantern Books

Miss Stacie was in this morning to help us with reading and a special book about jack-o-lanterns.  Each student had to cut out five pumpkins and add an expression to go with the text of their book.  Several students finished the project and the others will finish on Monday. Everyone enjoyed reading their stories.

Our short Wednesdays go by so quickly, especially in the afternoon.  Kindergarten has art with Mrs. Anderson right after lunch and by the time the students get back to the classroom, there is only time to finish up what we started in the morning!  Today we worked on a letter font sort that was challenging to finish on time.

Now that we have finished practicing with the beginning strokes in handwriting we will begin to work on writing numbers soon.

Welcome to our new student Rafael.  We are up to a dozen students again and that is great for partner work!

Have a wonderful long weekend.



Kindergarten News September 14–Document Camera!

Miss Stacie was in today to help us with our calendar and math work.  She had the students write their names and count the letters.  The students then had to write the same number of lines, circles and triangles as letters in their names.  This one-to-one correspondence is an important skill for kindergarten students.  You can help your student by having them touch each object as they count. Count everything, forward and backward, the more practice the better!

Students spent a lot of time on name writing practice today.  Our handwriting curriculum has an outline font that allows children to “stay between the lines.”   I used our new document camera to project a sample paper onto the screen which made for a great demonstration and easier viewing for the children.  They are making good progress; practice sheets will be sent home occasionally for more practice.