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Kindergarten Transition Night

May 3, 2012

Our fishing theme Kindergarten Transition Night was held on May 1 and we had nice attendance.  Seven future kindergarteners, some siblings and many parents paid a visit to the kindergarten room to work on centers and talk about how kindergarten works.  It is an exciting time for everyone and I am looking forward to another wonderful year!

We are patiently waiting for the chicks to hatch – May 14th! – and our plants are growing steadily.  The potatoes have sprouted and we will see if they grow a foot tall like they did last year!

Unfortunately, Snowflake the snail passed away but Prince the beta fish is still going strong.  Maybe Mr. Magnuson can find a new snail for our tank; the snails are a lot of fun to watch.

Science Day is tomorrow and we are excited to see what we can learn.  Liam also has a birthday so his crown is ready and waiting for him to wear.  Happy Birthday, Liam!


Kindergarten News January 4, 2012– Fish and Snails

Our new betta fish and Chinese mystery snails were a big hit this morning.  Our fish is a male whose name is Prince and the mama snail’s name is Snowflake.  We decided not to name the three baby snails since they are so hard to tell apart!  They were just born on Christmas Day so they are also very tiny.  Come and take a look if you get a chance, the kindergarteners would love to show you!

For homework tonight, have your child cut apart the 1-20 number tiles and put them in order.  I have sent along a sandwich bag so they can keep their tiles together and practice again.  You may need to write a number line to help with the numbers greater than ten.