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Kindergarten News September 15–CGI and Fire Drill

We worked on CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) math for the first time this morning.  CGI is a questioning technique that is used to help students develop  problem solving and number sense skills.  The teacher presents a story problem and the students consider different ways to solve it.  Some ideas students had today were solving addition problems by modeling (acting out the story) using connecting cubes, modeling using magnets and drawing out the solution.  Today’s problem was this:

Bob ate five cheerios.  He was still hungry so she ate five more.  How many cheerios did Bob eat in all?

After students work out a solution it is important that they explain their thinking to the group.  Children learn best when they come to their own understanding and discuss their ideas.  Give your child real life problems to solve and ask them how they can figure it out.  You may have to ask a lot of questions to begin with but they will get more confident as they begin to find solutions.

We had our first fire drill today and the kindergarten students did a great job staying with the group and listening to the adults.

Mrs. L. came to sub for the afternoon.  The children were excited to meet her and she was looking forward to meeting them.  More updates tomorrow!

Schwan food fundraising orders are due Monday, September 19.  Please use one order form per order.


Kindergarten News September 9–StarBoard Practice!

Our music teacher Mr. Rouse had his first session with the kindergarten students today.  They practiced singing their ABC’s and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  Mr. Rouse reported very good behavior.  When I had the children sing for extra practice back in the classroom, I was informed that it “sounded a lot better with the piano!”

We are adding another yoga pose daily so we are up to four poses now.  Ask your child to show you mouse,  table, butterfly and “do nothing” doll.  They love to use the yoga to calm their bodies down and help them listen.

Ms. Stacie (Anderson) stopped by to meet the class and help them learn some new songs.  “The Body Rock” and “The Freeze” were received with enthusiasm and lots of participation.  If you want to make a kindergartener smile, dance and sing with them!

We spent some time discussing fire- and bus safety drills this afternoon.  The biggest expectation for the kids is to listen to the adults for instructions and to walk with their group.  Once outside, they need to stay in their lines and continue to watch their adults for the next directions.  Please consider making a fire plan at home so that your children know where to meet in the event of a fire.  Discussions about fire drills always seem to bring out the fear of what would happen at home in a fire situation.

We added a third center station today.  We worked for 15 minutes each with puzzles, links, and animal figures and rotated twice in order to get to all stations.  While the class worked at their stations, children were called up one at a time to practice with our new StarBoard.  They were able to choose a clip art facial expression that matched their mood (almost all chose the happy face!) and practice writing their name with their finger or a craft stick.  Writing is trickier than one would think since only one finger can touch or hover over the screen for it to show.  Students figured out how to erase, move the page up and down and from left to right.  It was plenty for the first day!

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in school for four days, the students have learned so much!