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Kindergarten News March 11–Math Standards and Data

We have been working on hard on several areas in math:  mostly the standards of Understanding the relationship between quantities and whole numbers up to 31.  In simpler terms:  K.1.1.2  Using tally marks, K.1.1.3 Counting forward and back to 20,   K.1.1.4 one more and one less than a number.

We have also been working on Use objects and pictures to represent situations involving combining and separating.   K.1.2.1  Using blocks or drawing an addition or subtraction problem to find the solution.  K1.2.2. Finding all the ways to make numbers up to ten with objects and pictures:  for example, seven can be shown as four and three more, five and two more, etc.

We have also been working on learning about measurement. Much of what we do is hands-on practice at centers so you may not see a lot of papers coming home.  Some of the papers sent home will be a recording sheet of some sort.  Be sure to ask your children about it; explaining helps a child understand math better.

The math goals that were set in the fall have been updated and I will share the details of your child’s growth at conferences in a few weeks.  Overall, I am happy with the progress students are making.  I am excited to see how much growth we can achieve the rest of this year with the skills they are developing!