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Kindergarten News–Miscellaneous Fun!

We are working on telling time to the hour and here is a fun link to Match My Clock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=343sVDC6-FE&feature=related.  The kids will be making a clock next week so watch for it and they can practice at home.

Match My Clock

Counting down from 20 at snack time has been fun with this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srPktd4k_O8.  The kindergarteners sing along and they made up their own ending so they blast off when they get past one.

Getting ready to blast off!


Kindergarten News February 8, 2012–Center Fun

Here are some great centers we worked on today:

Ordering numbers to 31: Raffie ponders his next move.

Read, stamp and write sight words

Count and match 11 – 20

Reminders:  Tomorrow is Read with Someone Special from 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.  The kids are very excited to participate in this event, we hope to see you there!  We will go to Babbitt right after to see the Okie Dokey Brothers, thanks for getting your permission slips in early!

The weather forecast for Friday looks very chilly so we will not be sliding this week but we are planning to do it again soon.

Keep an eye on your child’s folder for a Valentine list.  We will have an afternoon party on Tuesday!

Homework tonight is fill in the missing letter.

Kindergarten News February 6, 2012 — Penguins

It was a very busy day in Kindergarten.  Along with our usual reading, CGI work and handwriting, we learned all about penguins.  We worked on penguin counting, sorting animals who can and can’t fly (penguins can’t) and penguin reading.

Our favorite activity was trying to balance eggs on our feet to understand how hard it is to be a father penguin taking care of an egg while the mother is off finding food.  We watched a few videos to learn some penguin facts; here is our favorite:  http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/animals/creaturefeature/emperor-penguin/

Check your child’s papers tonight for a permission slip.  We are travelling to Babbitt on Thursday to see the Okee Dokee Brothers.  Before we go we will do Read with Someone Special from 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.  This can be with anyone who wants to come in and read with the kids.  They really love the attention so we hope to see you here Thursday morning.

Remember that Wednesday is Crazy Hair and Socks Day.  Feel free to be silly!

Please remember to read and turn in your minutes for I Love to Read Month.  We have sweet treats for our readers!

Kindergarten News October 3–October

October 3, 2011

We started our Countdown to Halloween Chart today.  The kids were pretty excited when they saw pumpkins on the October calendar dates and were a little sad to hear how long they STILL have to wait for Halloween!  I think our field trip will help pass the time.

Twenty days of school have passed and the kindergarten students are really getting into a good routine.  We get a lot accomplished every day.  Please keep helping your child with homework, they are really excited for the prize box!

Kindergarten News September 14–Document Camera!

Miss Stacie was in today to help us with our calendar and math work.  She had the students write their names and count the letters.  The students then had to write the same number of lines, circles and triangles as letters in their names.  This one-to-one correspondence is an important skill for kindergarten students.  You can help your student by having them touch each object as they count. Count everything, forward and backward, the more practice the better!

Students spent a lot of time on name writing practice today.  Our handwriting curriculum has an outline font that allows children to “stay between the lines.”   I used our new document camera to project a sample paper onto the screen which made for a great demonstration and easier viewing for the children.  They are making good progress; practice sheets will be sent home occasionally for more practice.