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phonics game

Phonics game

letter formation

Letter formation

computer practice

ABCya.com reading practice


Letter B:  beans and blue paper


A visit from Misty and Alita

Sight word practice trace, color, cut and paste

Sight word practice


A visit from Hoppy


We Love to Read

Evaluation continues and we will soon have kindergarten groups based on this student data.  Many of our centers focus on activities for practice with letter and letter sound recognition.  Here are a few students hard at work:

Practicing with letters

Reading together

“Read to Self”



Kindergarten News–Multiage Math

Tower-Soudan students are having lots of fun learning together with multiage math once a week. Multiage reading groups are coming soon!

Clothespin Number Match

Clothespin Number Match:  http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2010/06/z-review-clothespin-match-up.html

Ordering Numbers Activity

Kindergarten News February 8, 2012–Center Fun

Here are some great centers we worked on today:

Ordering numbers to 31: Raffie ponders his next move.

Read, stamp and write sight words

Count and match 11 – 20

Reminders:  Tomorrow is Read with Someone Special from 8:30 – 9:15 a.m.  The kids are very excited to participate in this event, we hope to see you there!  We will go to Babbitt right after to see the Okie Dokey Brothers, thanks for getting your permission slips in early!

The weather forecast for Friday looks very chilly so we will not be sliding this week but we are planning to do it again soon.

Keep an eye on your child’s folder for a Valentine list.  We will have an afternoon party on Tuesday!

Homework tonight is fill in the missing letter.

Kindergarten News November 29 — Shapes

It was good to get back to the classroom after so many days off.  The kids were happy to be there too!  I got so many good ideas from our teacher development day yesterday that I am anxious to try.

In Oral Language, we used the sad orangutan photo to generate discussion and key words were posted on sticky notes to help the kids spell during writing time.  We know enough letter sounds to help each other sound words out, a fast way to reinforce reading skills that you can do at home too.

In Shared Reading, we read our big book  It Didn’t Frighten Me together.  We are using a lot of predictable text to help the students pick up the pattern of the story in order to be able to read it.  This list can help you pick out some great stories during your next trip to the library:


Any of these books would make good Christmas gifts!

We are learning about shapes in math and later had a center where we worked on sorting shapes and ordering numbers.  You can use a deck of cards to have your student practice this skill.  Mix them up and have them sort by suit and put the numbers in order.  The dollar stores have number cards or you and your child can easily make your own.  For an extra challenge, have  them set out the numbers in a row from one to ten, then a row from eleven to twenty, etc. and see if they can see the patterns developing.

Congratulations to Lakota for another lost tooth!  We read My Loose Tooth to celebrate.

Homework tonight is Rainbow Math.


Kindergarten News November 7–iPads

Today was pretty exciting in kindergarten.  We took a look at the new school iPads and spent time exploring all the apps.  It is always interesting to see how the kids adapt to a new kind of technology.  One of our girls figured out how to take pictures without anyone pointing it out!  I know that iPads are going to be a new favorite center for everyone.

iPad Writing Practice

Kindergarten News–October 4–Survey

We got out the clipboards today and tried two new centers.  The first was Write the Room.  Students searched the room for words that they could write beginning with the letter A.  In order to do that, they had to be clear about what it meant to look for a first letter in the word!  In finding that first letter, they also learned what it meant to have an a in the middle or end of the word.  They felt pretty successful with their findings and it is good training to have them noticing what letters are in the words that are around them.  The next step will be having lots of practice with the sounds the letters make!

Our other new center was the idea of a survey.  Today’s survey topic was “Do you like apples?”  Students were required to ask each other the question and then fill in other students’ names in the appropriate Yes or No box.  We had a lot of tally marks to begin with but the kindergarteners picked it up pretty well for the first day.  There are about four different places in the room they can find classmate’s names (including the word wall with name and photos together) so if they couldn’t remember how to write all the letters they could find a place to get them.

For CGI we worked on a Separate, Results Unknown question (subtraction) which was different than our recent Joining (addition) problems.  The discussions are getting much better with students getting used to being asked to explain their thinking.

Today’s Phonics was review and we will start a new letter tomorrow!  No homework tonight.

Please remember your Pumpkin Patch field trip permission slips!