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Recently in Kindergarten–April 18, 2012

We have been very busy as usual in the Kindergarten Room.  Last week we invited the fourth graders to help us make newspaper pots for our plants.  This involves a single sheet of newspaper, a little folding around a soup can and lots of tape, which the kindergarteners were happy to supply.  So far the pots are holding up well.  Students planted seeds in the paper pots as well as recycled plastic ones and are watching every day to see when they sprout.  The fourth graders are a big help with the plant journals so they will continue to work with the kindergarten students to record plant growth every Friday when they come down to partner read.

Our plan is to set eggs on Monday.  The chicks will take exactly three weeks to hatch which will bring us  to May 14.  The incubator is here and will be plugged in on Thursday or Friday so it is the proper temperature for our eggs.  The kids are so excited to do this project and will have a LOT to say if you ask them about it!


Kindergarten News 100th Day of School

Photos from our super busy day!

Counting out 100 Froot Loops

Helping make 100 handprints

Taking a break!

The fourth graders helped us read 100 books

Keeping track of reading with tally marks

Happy 100th Day!

Kindergarten News December 16– 4th Grade Help

The fourth graders came and helped tie all the blankets for the kindergarten students.  We were finished in about 45 minutes!  It was a lot of fun and we had extra volunteers from outside and inside the school.  The fourth graders also had a caroling field trip today so we really appreciate everyone taking the time to help our young students with their project.

Hard at work

Teenage volunteers get special attention

Matthew’s photography. He was a big help!

Kindergarten News–December 14

Our blanket project is coming along nicely.  Most kindergarten blankets are prepped and ready to finish on Friday.  We are planning to have fourth grade come to our classroom to help kindergarteners complete the tying.  If you would like to join us Friday at 10:00 we would love to see you.

We are managing to get a lot of school work done along with Christmas activities.  We are beginning to blend letter sounds to make words along with our routine Mondo Reading curriculum.  CGI and geometry are what we are working on in math.  Please remember to check your child’s folder for homework.  Even just a few extra minutes a day can make a big difference in your child’s learning.

Coming next week:  Tuesday–Christmas Concert, Wednesday–classroom parties, and Thursday is the big event–Popcorn, Pajamas and Penguins.  The whole school will gather together with our new blankets to watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  Friday vacation begins and classes resume on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Kindergarten News November 23–Letters

The fourth graders were a tremendous help in writing letters to Santa for WELY Radio.  The letters will be read on the air in December at 7:10 a.m. and repeated at 6:10 p.m. Monday through Friday. After a long session of discussing and writing, both grades spent a few minutes having fun in the dress up and kitchen center of the kindergarten room.

Our pumpkin seed taste test/survey will be finished next week.  With our extra Thanskgiving activities we ran out of time to complete the survey.  It looks like we will need to taste them again!  So far the results are showing that nearly all the kindergarten students like the taste of pumpkin seeds, which is a great healthy snack.  Read more here:


For our “thankful” writing, the most common response was that the students were thankful for their families.  The most fun was Liam being thankful for pie.  I have to say that I am pretty thankful for pie myself!

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember that there is no school on Monday.  Teachers will be at Cherry School for technology training.

Here are some writers hard at work:

Letter to Santa

Finishing Touches

Kindergarten News October 14–Reading Buddies!

We are very excited to welcome our reading buddies to our classroom on Fridays.  Fourth grade students sharpen their skills and kindergarteners love to have someone read to them.  It is great fun for all of us to hear how well the older students read!  Reading together is a perfect way for kindergarten students to think about what they are learning in school and how it can relate to their lives.  Keep reading everyone!

Next week we will be able to begin Spelling Sorts and Guided Reading work.  We have been doing Phonics, Oral Language, Shared Reading and Writing but now will put the other pieces in place.  It’s exciting to see how much the students have grown in just 29 school days.

Most of the kindergarten students are only two homework assignments away from the prize box!  Keep up the good work.  Homework this weekend is the Letter I Partner Practice sheet.