End of First Quarter

The end of first quarter is here already on Friday, November 1.  In kindergarten we will continue to test individually for the report card and in the next few weeks you will be receiving information about your conference date and time.  Keep an eye on your child’s home folder!

You can help at home a tremendous amount by making sure your child is getting enough sleep and eating good food and we will get through Halloween the best we can!  The kids are getting so excited for the big day.

Also, please dress your children for the weather.  It is getting so cold now that winter coats, boots, hats and gloves are good to have.  Snow pants should be purchased soon as well because we don’t have many to borrow at school and the kids are outside nearly a half hour for recess.  Fresh air is great for everyone but it can be so miserable if the kids aren’t dressed warmly enough!

Please send your one pound box of snack crackers for second quarter.  It is a tremendous help for keeping the kids learning until lunchtime.  Thank you!

Here are some recent photos of activity in our room:

Sorting number of letters in names

Counting and sorting the number of letters in friends’ names

Alphabet Sounds song with eyeball pointer

Alphabet Sounds song with googly eye pointer

Paper punch counting and letter recognition

Paper punch counting and number recognition

Using individualized iPad app sheets for math

Using individualized iPad app sheets for math practice

Goodbye cards for Kati

Goodbye cards for Kati



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